Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where do you envision yourself in five years?

Where do you see yourself in five years?  Do you know?  Obviously, none of us can predict the future.  Things happen to us or because of us that change our plans and even change us.

Still, having a vision of where we’d like to be in five years is important.  It consciously and subconsciously guides our decisions and gives direction and purpose to what we’re doing today.

For example, you may not enjoy the tasks your typical day currently entails - whether those tasks are part of your job description, or involve searching and applying for jobs.

However, if you know your current job is a stepping-stone to the job you really want, or that your job networking efforts will eventually land you a position, you may not mind the more mundane aspects. They’re serving a purpose.

Would you be quite as motivated to do your best today, if you foresaw no payoff down the road?

So ask yourself if you haven’t already. Where would I like to be in five years?  Write down the answer. Take into consideration values, goals, and what you’re willing to do (or not) to get there.

Not only do you have a clearer picture of your life, but when an interviewer inevitably asks you some version of the question, where do you see yourself in five years, you’re better prepared to give a thoughtful, genuine answer… that can help land you the job.

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