Monday, March 21, 2011

Summing up the rise in temporary jobs.

We’ve talked about the rise of temporary staffing and its potential implications herehereherehere and here.  Then we came across this article, which made many of the same points.  So let’s sum up a few of the potential reasons for the surge in temporary staffing:

1. The rise in temporary staffing indicates a coming rebound of full-time hiring (as in the past).
2. The rise in temporary staffing indicates long-term changes in business and the workforce (and is thus a more permanent trend).

What are these changes in business and the workforce that may be attributing to increased demand for temps?

1.  Healthcare costs and the new legislation have employers feeling the burden of hiring full-time employees.
2. Work in general has become more project-based and less routine.
3. At the same time, the latest technology allows employers to better predict their employment needs, so they can hone in on their exact labor needs and hire accordingly (this means filling in gaps with temporary help for a more custom labor fit).
4. Workers themselves are trending towards independent, project-based work and the perks, such as flexibility and variety that come with it.

Did we miss anything? What else does the rise in temp jobs imply?

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