Monday, March 7, 2011

Good News for Job-Seekers.

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statics reported a slight dip in unemployment to 8.9% and an increase of 222,000 private-sector jobs.  Whether you’re unemployed or simply ready for a new and different opportunity, now may be the time to go confidently forward.

Jobs have opened up in professional and business services, construction, healthcare, transportation and warehousing, mining, and manufacturing. 

Temporary staffing, in particular, has shown steady, continuous growth.  These jobs are often an excellent way for employees to get a foot in the door at companies, which often leads to long-term positions and career growth.  Often employees use temporary jobs to opportunities to gather experience for their resumes before settling on a more long-term career opportunity.

In today’s risk-adverse economy, temporary jobs give workers a chance to prove themselves to an employer, rather than having the employer rely solely on a first impression interview.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for contract work, temporary jobs or a committed, long-term position, things are looking up for you.

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