Thursday, March 10, 2011

Five Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed Online

We’ve all submitted resumes through a job site or a company careers page, only to feel as if we’ve just sent our information floating towards some black hole.  When we hear nothing back, we assume our suspicions are confirmed.

While it’s true that there are many resumes out there in cyberspace, there are definite ways to make sure you aren’t posting online in vain.  Here are a few tips that, if followed, will ensure your resume is reviewed.

But first – make sure your resume is clear, attractive, informative and worthy of a recruiter or hiring manager’s time, and that your skill sets match those required of the position for which you’re applying.  Now you’re ready to start optimizing your resume for the Internet.

1. Pepper your resume with keywords taken directly from the job descriptions for which you’re applying (without compromising clarity).  Yes, this may require a little tweaking of your resume for various positions, but it’s worth it.  Besides, many of those positions, if you’re narrowly focused on a particular title, contain the same keywords.  Computers scan your resume for keywords and automatically match resumes up for positions – before a human being takes a look at those deemed matches.

2. A new feature of is users’ ability to post resumes that show up not only on the site itself, but also in search engine results.  That means employers wouldn’t necessarily have to go to an online job board to find your resume.  They could simply perform a Google search for “experienced IT analyst” and potentially find your resume.

3. Use the word “resume” on your resume. Many recruiters search for resumes using the keyword “resume,” so at the top of your resume, type the words “Resume of [your name]” on a line. This is particularly important for personal resume web pages or portfolios.

4. Create your own online portfolio or website.  Today, especially if you’re in the technology or Internet industries, an online resume or portfolio is almost expected by some companies.  Even if you only have one placeholder page with a downloadable PDF of your resume, potential employers will appreciate the ease of clicking on a link to find out about you.

5. On a similar note, leverage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a blog (if you’re the blogger type) to advertise your skills and the types of opportunities you’re interested in.  The wider and more targeted your online presence (and offline presence, for that matter), the better your chances of being noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager who is looking for someone just like you.

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