Monday, January 31, 2011

How Healthcare Legislation May Affect You the Worker, and Us the Staffing Agency.

With the new healthcare legislation nearing certain implementation, we’re seeing more and more conversations about what healthcare changes, set to roll out over a ten-year period, will mean for businesses, the staffing industry, and workers.

We’ve talked a little about potential financial implications for companies, here and here.  But how will healthcare reform – now legislation – affect the staffing industry, and the workers it employs?

Here’s one idea.  Since workers will all be insured now, under the new law, some of the burden of finding a permanent employer who provides substantial health benefits may be eased.  That change would give the worker more freedom and flexibility, to take the jobs he chooses, whether those jobs include healthcare packages or not.

Workers may choose to take on contract positions or temporary projects, with the salaries and flexibility they provide, in lieu of full-time, long-term positions within companies.

What does that mean for staffing companies?  More quality candidates to chose from – since more job-seekers may veer from traditional nine-to-five career paths, – more selective hiring, and higher caliber candidates to offer our clients.

In short, job seekers may enjoy a new freedom, and the staffing industry may enjoy a new tier-one class of candidates.

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