Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now’s the Time to Leverage Your Foreign Language Skills

According to this WSJ article, demand for U.S. workers who speak foreign languages has increased, and should continue to increase.

Those languages in highest demand? Spanish and Chinese.

Unfortunately, the same survey concluded that very few workers plan to study these languages, so supply doesn’t meet demand.

Workers, you know what that means, right?  If you are proficient in a foreign language, your skill is in demand.  You can leverage your foreign language skills to stand out from your competition, demand better pay, and make yourself a valuable asset to your employer.

During the job search, be sure to identify those skills that make you unique and desirable to employers and recruiters, and then emphasize them in your resume, cover letter, and conversations.  These days, knowledge of a foreign language is unquestionably an asset.

Also, when you’re searching for jobs, consider which sorts of jobs might particularly benefit from a bilingual or multilingual employee.  Identify the need, and then show up ready to fill it!  This tactic is how successful job seekers land jobs.

Do you speak a foreign language?  Have you found this skill to be an asset during your job search, or at your job?  What things do you plan to do to leverage your skill?

If you don’t speak a foreign language, are any of you interested in learning a foreign language?  What sort of skills have you been able to successfully leverage for work?

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