Monday, January 17, 2011

Military vs. Civilian Recruitment Style: The Power of Positive Thinking

You’ve most likely noticed the new age focus on the power of positive thinking.  While positive thinking may seem like a trend, the concept of visualizing and thereby creating has been practiced and proven over the centuries by history’s geniuses.

That’s why we love this article from

It discusses the contrast between the military’s positive, inclusive approach to recruitment and civilian business’s negative, exclusive approach.

The military looks for the good in candidates; civilian recruiters search for every reason to cross candidates off “the list.”

The military looks for potential and willingness to learn; civilian recruiters look for experience and proven results.

Sure, there’s a lot of competition for civilian jobs out there, so we can see why recruiters become impatient and unwilling to take a risk on just any candidate.  But we see the value in slowing down and treating job seekers like valuable assets rather than so many dirty pennies.  After all, that green, inexperienced candidate might just go on to accomplish great things… if you dare to imagine him capable of such.

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