Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recent Grads Flocking to Temp Agencies

Recent grads are flocking to temp agencies.  And companies are then scooping them up.

Recent college graduates, with degrees ranging from engineering and technical to the humanities, are having trouble finding permanent positions in their field.  Rather than remain unemployed while searching, smart job seekers are applying for temporary positions, gaining relevant experience that will give them a leg up on other recent graduates.

Companies are benefiting from the trend.  Using temporary workers allows them to fill in their gaps with talented workers, when workload surges.  If the increase in production demand holds steady, and they decide to hire full-time employees, these companies have a pool of talent to pull from.  They can choose employees who have already proven themselves within the company as being capable and reliable.

One thing is certain.  If you’re a hiring manager looking to bring on a new employee, and you’re choosing between a fresh-out-of-college graduate with no experience, and a fresh-out-of-college graduate with relevant work experience, it’s obvious which applicant you’ll choose.

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