Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reaction to Osama's Killing

Upon the news that Osama had been killed by U.S. forces, thousands of people celebrated in the streets, voiced their approval via Twitter and Facebook, and conversed about the seemingly unbelievable news over coffee, in the vegetable isle, or at the post office.  Overall, there was a general sense of celebration, even elation, which had some wondering whether it’s ethical to celebrate any death, even that of an evil villain.

We don’t think most people were rejoicing over a murder so much as rejoicing over something that has needed to happen for a long, long time.  The death of the face of terrorism since September 11 brings much-needed closure to our country and its people, who, in realty, have suffered a rough time economically and spiritually – between Death, War, and Recession, ever since the 2001 attack.

Which brings us to a question.  Could this long-awaited justice give the U.S. the boost in morale it has needed all along to move on, economically and otherwise?  As our nation experiences the relief of Osama’s death and revisits the emotion of 9-11, will we see the memorial to the towers finally go up as emotional guards go down?

We hope so.  We’re ready for politicians to work together, companies to hire, workers to have jobs, and our country to move forward, finally unstuck.

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