Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LinkedIn a Valuable Tool for Staffing Firms

With LinkedIn shares soaring, there’s been discussion on the web about the possibility of LinkedIn taking the place of recruiters and staffing firms.  After, all, LinkedIn is an index of sorts for employees’ professional profiles.

However, to consider LinkedIn a replacement for recruiters is, as one commenter put it, like saying a toolbox can replace your mechanic.

Technology is constantly changing, and just as the emergence of job boards couldn’t replace the people needed to assess fit and act as an agent for both parties, neither can LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, or any non-human technologies to follow.

LinkedIn makes finding people easier, but who calls to solicit interest?  What about passive job seekers – often the most desirable performers – who don’t make it known they are searching, but have to be sought out?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other online mediums are all tools for recruiters.  They make matching the right workers with the right clients and the right job descriptions speedier and more accurate.  The staffing firms and HR departments who leverage these online technologies are contributing to a Culture of Speed, which is key to helping businesses – our clients – succeed.

At the end of the day, nothing can replace the face-to-face networking and relationships built on trust the very best staffing firms create with job seekers and employers.  We know you, and we know who will be a good fit.  Not even eHarmony can claim success rate like ours.

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