Monday, April 4, 2011

2nd Consecutive Month of Strong Job Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 216,000 new jobs in March and unemployment down to 8.8%.

These statistics exceeded economists’ expectations for more modest job growth and an unmoving unemployment rate.

Among growing sectors was the service sector, which overall added 199,000 jobs, lead by the continuing growth in temp hiring.

On a local note, unemployment rate fell to 10.2% from 10.4 percent in January, and 10.7 percent one year ago in TRC Staffing’s headquarters city of Atlanta.

On a company-specific note, Mcdonalds is hiring.

Despite growth, wages and hours remain somewhat stagnant.

Also, though 13,5 million are officially unemployed, another 2.4 million are out work work but not included since they didn’t look for work during the BLS survey period, and 8.4 million are working part-time jobs while looking for full time work.

Turmoil in the Mideast , oil prices, the dismal housing market and state budget cuts present potential hurdles to full recovery.

Despite these hurdles, the BLS report was welcome, positive news this month.

What do you think our country (both Washington and us as citizens) needs to do to experience a full economic recovery?

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