Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Your Staff On the Same Page and Up to Speed?

Have you ever called or visited a business with a simple question, and been told the person with the answer is unavailable?  It’s frustrating, and likely to make you look elsewhere (like another business) for the answer.

Keeping everyone in your work place informed and on the same page is crucial to a consistent business message and positive customer experience.  In an environment where technologies and policies change more rapidly than ever, your business must be nimble, and your company must have an efficient, effective means of communicating with employees at every level.

Fortunately, technology also makes rapid communication easy.  You simply have to take the initiative – not only to deliver the message but also to ensure your employees receive and digest it.

Anticipate the questions your customers might ask. Naturally questions will differ according to your business, but here are a few examples.

1. What are your prices?
2. What is your company policy on ___?
3. Why did this price change?
4. What services do you offer?
5. Who is your CEO?
6. What phone number should I call for ___?

Integrate the answers to these questions into a thorough training program and develop a way to refresh everyone with the new information and answers as they come.  A staff that is on the same page and up to speed is the mark of a positive company culture.

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