Monday, February 28, 2011

Can States Now Potentially Opt Out of Healthcare Legislation?

In a recent turn of events, states may now potentially be able to opt out of some of the healthcare act’s requirements due into effect in 2014, including that employers of a certain size cover workers or pay a penalty.

However, the stipulations for states opting out are strict and potentially burdensome.  States must be able to prove they have a viable plan for covering as many or more people, as comprehensively and affordably, as the national healthcare act… with no increases to the federal deficit.

If states are able to obtain a waver, employers may enjoy more flexibility in deciding how to insure their employees.  Then again, their flexibility will depend on their own states’ plans, if they pass restrictive federal inspection, and if they’re actually a better alternative from employers’ perspective.

What do you think of this latest turn of events in healthcare legislation?

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