Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Sure Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

1. Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish each new day.  Make each task specific and doable, not vague and over-reaching (think, “research the latest industry trends and compile a rough list,” not “do industry trends report”).  Put little boxes beside each item on the list.  This is where your checkmark will go when you’ve completed each task.  You’ll feel great as you put a checkmark in each box, trust us!  At the end of the day, even if your inbox is full, your checklist is in order, and you’ll feel good about what you’ve accomplished.

2. Drink water. We know it sounds too simple, but drinking water while you work keeps you awake, makes you feel better physically and mentally, and actually keeps you in shape!  All of these things make you a more motivated worker.

3. Always, always have something in your life you look forward to.  Also known as a reward.  Don’t expect or wait for others to reward you.  Rewards from bosses, like trust and promotions, do come, as part of the long-term payoff of hard work.  But everyone needs a little instant gratification.  So you fill your life with fun things, and keep these in the back of your mind as you work.   Work solid for two hours, then browse your favorite blog for a few minutes.  Work hard during the day, knowing you’re going to try an awesome new restaurant that night, or watch a movie with your family.  Work hard during the week, and you’ll enjoy the weekend trip you have planned so much more, because you really earned it.  Take responsibility for filling your life with simple pleasures, and you’ll be a happier, more motivated person!

4. Write your own obituary and keep it in your desk for reference.  This admittedly strange-sounding activity only takes a few minutes if you use your intuition and don’t over think it.  When you write your obituary, you’ll discover what you truly hope to accomplish in life.  What you want others to say about you when you’re gone, what you want them to remember you for, and what your life’s work should be.  Each day, in everything that you think, do, and say, keep this obituary in mind and strive to support your sincerest hopes and dreams for the person you would like to be.

5. Imagine yourself without a job.  Your own job doesn’t seem so bad now, right?  You may love, hate, or feel somewhere in the middle about your job.  You never know what exciting new and different places your career has in store for you.  But today, you have a paycheck, and a place to be each morning, and people counting on you.  To imagine yourself without these things is to be grateful for them.

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