Monday, December 13, 2010

Bosses' Small Gestures Send Big Signals

From the Wall Street Journal, this article explains why bosses must be extra aware of their behavior.  So many eyes are on these leaders that even the smallest gestures – of which bosses may not even be aware – affect and influence others.

We have some thoughts about this!  But bear with us for a second.

A high level executive walks down the hall and passes a few subordinates.  She doesn’t know them well and is in a hurry, so she doesn’t make eye contact.  These employees DO know her, and they spend the rest of the day wondering what they did to earn her disapproval.

Or she wears her scarf arranged in a bow, and the next day several employees are wearing their scarves the exact same way.


Basically, if you’re a boss, you have influence you may not even be aware of – but you should be, because you can use that influence to help or harm.

We completely agree.  But we’d take it a step further.  It isn’t only high-level management or big bosses who need to be concerned with their behavior and realize it’s affect on others.

We are all the influencers of someone.  We are all being watched.  People notice the
tiniest details, yet we so often forget this fact.  What we wear, how hard we work, the quality of our work, whether or not we smile and say hi, complain, compliment others, arrive on time, what we eat for lunch - it’s all quite noticeable and assists your co-workers, bosses, employees, and colleagues in forming opinions about who you are.

Every single day presents constant opportunities to be a positive influencer.  To act in ways which earn your self-respect and the respect of others.  The best way to lead is by example.  If you set a good example, you naturally become a leader, whether you realize it or not.

Who do you try to influence? Is there anyone in your life for whom you strive to be a good example?

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